Cavaliers Cricket Club, Colchester, Essex, England

15 September 2019

2019 Fielding Stats

See below for the stats relating to outfield catches and wicketkeeper dismissals across all games for the Cavaliers during the 2019 season.

D Young - 9 (8ct, 1st)
D Smith - 2 (2ct)
N Jalib - 1 (1ct)

Outfield Catches:
9 - F Murtaza
4 - A Khaliq, M Vinter
2 - B Aslam, N Davidson, D Dellar, T Hijazi
1 - H Ahamed, S Gilhooly, U Ghani, R Hossain, N Hussain, P Kannan, S Khan, A Mehta, B Prabhu, R Rasheed, O ul Rehman, S Riaz, D Smith

Congratulations to everyone who held their catches!

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