Cavaliers Cricket Club, Colchester, Essex, England

29 August 2019

Team - Saturday 31st

Saturday XI - Tendring (A) - meet at Mill Road by 11:30am or Tendring by 12noon. Let Vinnie know if going direct (CO16 9AP). Match starts at 12:30pm.
Vinnie (c), Dan Y, Dan S, Salman R, Peter J, Neville D, Badar M, Bilal A, Ahmed K, Tariq H and Kaiser C

25 August 2019

Cavs vs Kelvedon, Part 2

The Sunday XI travelled to Kelvedon today to play their re-arranged game from the World Cup final date.

After losing the toss, the Cavaliers were asked to bat first (handy, as we only had 8 players at the start). The opening pair of R Akhlaq and B Munir added 17 runs together before Akhlaq (9) was the first wicket to fall. The Cavs then recovered to 43/1 before two quick wickets, those of U Akhter (14) and Munir (20), saw the score slip to 43/3. A fourth wicket partnership of 29 (the highest of the innings) saw the score reach 72/3, but a pair of quick wickets saw both set batsmen be dismissed as M Nadeem (18) was run out and T Hijazi (10) was caught behind - The Cavaliers 73/5 in the 14th over. Next to go was K Chowdhury (4), who was soon followed by F Murtaza (7), but the Cavaliers soon passed 100, reaching 105/7 before S Riaz (5), N Davidson (0) and D Young (0) were all caught out - A Khaliq (8*) the undefeated batsman as the Cavaliers were 106 all out after 25.3 overs.

The second innings saw B Munir (3-0-26-0) struggle to find a consistent line while N Davidson couldn't make a breakthrough at the other end. The first wicket to fall was courtesy of A Khaliq (7-2-17-1), which allowed Davidson (9-1-32-2) to take a couple of cheap wickets at the other end. Despite some tight bowling by S Riaz (4-1-10-0) and M Nadeem (3.4-0-11-0), the Cavaliers were unable to prevent Kelvedon reaching 107/3 in 26.4 overs, winning by 7 wickets.


24 August 2019

Teams - Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th

Saturday XI - Sudbury III (A)
Match cancelled; conceded due to a lack of players

Sunday XI - Kelvedon & Feering (A) - meet at Mill Road by 11:45am or Kelvedon by 12:30pm. Let Fowad M know if going direct (CO5 9SB). Match starts at 1pm.
Fowad M (c), Raheel A, Kaiser C, Dan Y, Neville D, Salman R, Ahmed A, Nadeem, Umair A, Badar M and TBC

18 August 2019

Cavs vs Kelvedon, Part 1

The Sunday XI travelled to Kelvedon today for the first of two games in two weeks to be played between the sides at Rye Mill Lane.

After losing the toss the Cavaliers were asked to bat first after some morning rain had dampened the ground, and lost F Murtaza (3) early on to make the score 11/1. With runs hard to come by, it was slow going for the Cavaliers, reaching 29/1 after 12 overs before N Jalib (6) was next to be dsimissed. A third wicket partnership of 26 in 5 overs saw the Cavs rebuild, but the wicket of M Nadeem (21) was quickly followed by those of M Vinter (10) and B Aslam (4) as the score slipped from 55/2 to 64/5. A further 19 runs were added for the sixth wicket, but another mini-collapse saw the Cavaliers go from 83/5 to 88/8 as S Riaz (6), U Akhter (11) and A Khaliq (1) were all out. With D Young and N Davidson combining for the ninth wicket, they added 31 together (the highest partnership of the innings) in 7 overs before Davidson (23) was stumped in the 38th over. The next over saw U Ghani (5) bowled as the Cavaliers innings closed on 125 all out from 38.4 overs with Young (9*) not out.

The Kelvedon reply saw N Davidson (5-0-26-1) strike early as S Riaz (4-0-18-0) went wicketless., but the early breakthrough only succeeded in bringing E King to the crease, who hit four boundaries off A Khaliq (2-0-20-0) early on. With U Ghani (4-0-31-0) unlucky to not claim a wicket in his spell, Jalib turned to M Nadeem (4-0-20-1) who claimed a wicket in his second over via a sharp cath at gully by M Vinter to make the score 91/2. Kelvedon continued to attack, primarily through King (81*), as a short spell from B Aslam (1.1-0-10-0) was also seen off - Kelvedon reaching 129/2 from 20.1 overs to win by 8 wickets.


16 August 2019

Teams - Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th

Saturday XI - Chappel & Wakes Colne (A)
Match cancelled; conceded due to a lack of players

Sunday XI - Kelvedon & Feering (A) - meet at Mill Road by 11:45am or Kelvedon by 12:30pm. Let Noman J know if going direct (CO5 9SB). Match starts at 1pm.
Noman J (c), Fowad M, Dan Y, Nadeem, Usman G, Salman R, Ahmed K, Bilal A, Umair A, Neville D and Vinnie

10 August 2019

Cavs Win in Mill Road Farewell

The Saturday XI welcomed Brockley II to Mill Road today in our last ever fixture at the Rugby Club before our proposed move to Mile End Recreation Ground.

After winning the toss the Cavaliers fielded first, with S Riaz (first spell of 8-3-18-1) and N Davidson (first spell of 5-0-24-0) bowling well as Brockley reached 41/1 after 11 overs. Brockley then rebuilt their innings through an impressive secon wicket partnership of 140 as P Kannan (8-0-47-0) and K Chowdhury (7-0-42-0) went wicketless, while N Hussain had a disappoining day, seeing several dropped catches and a missed stumping, before he then had his spell cut short at 9-1-33-0; injuring himself attempting a catch off his own bowling, he badly injured himself and had to be taken to A&E for 11 stiches to his hand! Hussain's injury saw Riaz return to the attack, and he managed to deflect the ball onto the stumps to run out the Brockley #3, T Steggles (59), as they reached 181/2 from 39 overs. With Brockley going onto the attack in the last few overs, Riaz's (14-3-70-1) figures took a hit (38 coming off his last 3 overs), but the returning Davidson (7-0-33-1) struck late on as the inings closed on 231/3 after 45 overs, with the Brockley captain, A McCaffrey carrying his bat for 129*.

The Cavaliers reply started poorly with D Dellar (0) dismissed off the fourth ball of the chase, but a second wicket partnership between M Vinter and K Chowdhury saw the Cavs recover to 67/1 before Chowdhury (28) was caught at point off a leading edge. The usual Cavs collapse didn't materialise though, as Vinter combined with P Kannan (39) to add a further 66 runs for the third wicket; Kannan's dismissal making the score 133/3 after 26 overs. With Vinter reaching his fifty from 92 balls, the Cavaliers continued to make good progress despite T Hijazi (6) being caught and bowled by McCaffrey as the score reached 160/4 after 33.2 overs. The Cavaliers then continued their fine batting performance, as Vinter (96*) and V Gedi (31*) combined in an unbeaten fifth wicket partnership of 73* (the highest fifth wicket partnership of 2019) in just 9.4 overs; the Cavaliers reaching 233/4 from 43.1 overs, winning by 6 wickets with 11 balls to spare.


9 August 2019

Teams - Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th

Saturday XI - Brockley (H) - meet at Mill Road by 12:15pm to help set up. Match starts at 1pm.
Darren D (c), Noman H, Dan Y, Tariq H, Salman R, Pete J, Vinay G, Vinnie, Neville D, Kaiser C and Prakash K

Sunday XI - Stebbing (H) - meet at Mill Road by 12:15pm to help set up. Match starts at 1pm.

4 August 2019

Massive Loss at Springfield

The Sunday XI travelled to Springfield today and fielded first after losing the toss.

With three players arriving late due to leaving late and traffic, Springfield were able to find gaps easily against opening bowlers N Davidson and B Prabhu (5-0-33-0) as they reached 46/0 after 5 overs before all eleven players were present. The Springfield openers were still able to find gaps or hit over the top against H Ahamed (4-0-34-0) and M Nadeem as C Prudence passed 50. With enough time elapsed for the late players to bowl, Nadeem turned to A Khaliq (4-1-25-0) and S Riaz (6-0-38-0), who struggled with an old ball which hadn't been shined throughout the innings. With Prudence progressing past 100 and 150, the Springfield total passed 200 easily. A lack of breakthroughs from B Aslam (3-0-23-0), P Kannan (2-0-28-0) and S Khan (2-0-26-0) saw Prudence pass 200 and his opening partner J Gooday pass 50. With Prudence hitting the mangled match ball into bushes, the ball was lost, and the replacement brought an immediate wicket as Prudence (218) was caught by Davidson on the boundary off the bowling of the returning Nadeem (7-1-48-1); the openers adding a mind-boggling 286 runs together! With Davidson (7-0-44-1) bowling the Springfield number three in the next over, it was left to Gooday (57*) and the new batsman to see Springfield up to an imposing final total of 308/2 off their 40 overs.

The Cavaliers reply saw the openers add 23 runs in 6.4 overs before U Akhter (14) was trapped LBW. The second wicket added a further 18 runs in six overs, but the wicket of P Kannan (18) - Caught on the boundary at cow corner off M Southwell - saw the score slip to 41/2, and the Cavaliers batting line up began to collapse; M Nadeem (4), S Khan (1), and S Riaz (0) out as the Cavs reached 46/5 after 14.4 overs. With H Ahamed (3) and B Aslam (3) both out soon afterwards, the score slipped to 56/7 as Southwell brought up his 5-fer before the drinks break. The Cavaliers struggled along with B Prabhu and N Davidson at the crease, but Davidson (5) was stumped before A Khaliq (4) was caught - Springfield reducing the Cavs to 79/9. Prabhu and D Young then targeted the possibility of batting bonus points, but Southwell (8.3-1-16-6) had Prabhu (23) caught on the midwicket boundary (the fifth Cavalier caught on the boundary, searching for a big hit); the Cavaliers all out for just 92 from 28.3 overs, with Young (1*) not out in a 216 run loss.


Cavs Have Sax Appeal

The Saturday XI travelled to Saxmundham Sports Club today, and fielded first after winning the toss.

Saxmundham started well, adding 68 for the first wicket as S Riaz (6-0-34-0) and J Rawlings (4-0-36-0) were unable to make a breakthrough, though A Khaliq struck in the 10th over. The score progressed to 114/1 after 16 overs before N Hussain had the Saxmundham opener stumped by D Young. The next wicket feel soon afterwards as D Dellar held onto a sharp catch at midwicket off Khaliq. The Cavaliers then continued to take wickets at regular intervals, with Saxmundham unable to build a partnership of more than 21 as Khaliq (15-4-68-4) and Hussain (13-0-46-4) reduced our opponents to 184/8 after 36 overs. The late introduction of J Walton (1-0-2-2) then saw the innings come to a close, thanks to an inwinging yorker and a steepling catch by Dellar - Saxmundham ending on 198 all out after 39 overs, giving six (important) overs to the Cavaliers.

The Cavaliers reply started well, despite both openers showing a penchant for picking out fielders... The opening pair adding 71 together (the second best opening partnership of 2019 so far), with D Dellar bringing up an 82-ball fifty, before M Vinter (19) was caught at mid-off. The score then passed 100 as the Cavs inched towards the target, but Dellar (74) was the next to go to make the score 108/2 from 31 overs. The Cavaliers progressed to 124/2, but the quick wickets of P Kannan (7) and J Walton (4) saw the score slip to 130/4 before K Chowdhury and J Rawlings rebuilt through a good fifth wicket partnership of 29. With Chowdhury (32) caught at long-off, P Johnson (2) was the next to go as the Cavs fell to 172/6 after 46 overs (the additional six overs now coming into play). The returning J Rawlings then saw his enterprising innings (35 from 32 balls) ended in the 48th over as the Cavs reached 181/7, but N Hussain (9*) and S Riaz (15* from 10 balls) saw the Cavaliers claim a three wicket win, reaching 203/7 from 49.4 overs (just 8 balls left)!