Cavaliers Cricket Club, Colchester, Essex, England

24 March 2018

Change of Sponsor and New Kit

Over the winter we have negotiated a new sponsorship deal for the club with Pickering, a manufacturer of electronic relays. We are in the process of updating signage, documentation and the website to replace the PBUK logos with new shiny Pickering logos... We are also changing the name of our midweek XI to 'Pickering Cavaliers'!

More importantly this means that our playing shirts are now outdated. As members of the Cavaliers, we expect you guys to help support the club and the new sponsor by buying a new playing shirt with a Pickering logo on it. We realise that asking you to pay full price is a bit hard on everyone, so we have asked our kit supplier to set up a voucher code on our kit website. Simply go to the online club kit store at, and add a playing shirt to your basket (and any other kit you like the look of - Serious Sport have updated their lines and also sell sunhats now). On the checkout screen type the code CavaliersCC15into the Promo Code box and a £15 discount will be applied, reducing the shirt cost from £24.99 (price without adding initials) to just £9.99. One voucher can be applied per order and is only redeemable if you are purchasinga playing shirt. If the voucher code does not work at this point, do not proceed - Give me an email and I'll find out what the problem is (the code won't be possible to add after you complete the checkout process).

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