Cavaliers Cricket Club, Colchester, Essex, England

29 July 2017

Walton (the man not the place) whacks Maldon (the place not a man).

Cavs hosted Maldon III today at a very murky Mill Road. Due to the impending doom of torrential rain in the forecast the captains decided on a 25 over bash in order to try to complete a game.

Dellar tossed superbly and opted to field first even though cavs only had 10 for the first 4 overs (thanks Rauf).

Maldon got off to a cracking start with skipper Smith and fellow opener Gozzett going at almost 10 an over until Smith fell to a great catch at cover by Walton (with the blister to prove it) off Sarwar. Prabhu 5-0-39-1 then got in on the act as Rasheed took a lofted catch at mid-on followed by the ball of the day from Sarwar 8-1-24-2 as an inswinging yorker disposed of another. That left Maldon on 59/3 with the run rate slowing. Bardo then joined Gozzett and they made steady progress until Ghani took 2 in 2 balls (the second a screamer at slip by the ever youthful Dellar) leaving Maldon 81/5 in the 16th over. Bardo was then joined by Allen as Maldon tried to up the tempo. With the score on 117 Allen fell to an excellent diving catch by Riaz at mid-on in the 21st over. Cavs worked hard to keep the runs tight for the last overs restricting Maldon to a final score of 144/6 with Bardo unbeaten on 46 (thanks to the ever youthful Dellar dropping a dolly at slip and the previously diving Riaz completely misjudging one through his hands at mid-off).

Tea was postponed till the end of the match and the teams went straight out with Cavs needing 145.

Dellar and Vinter started carefully until Vinter (3) decided to charge down the wicket, miss the ball by a yard, then turn like a battleship and the keeper still had time to fumble it before stumping the un-lightning like Vinter.

Dellar was then joined by Jalib as they accumulated to 39 until Jalib (16) was well caught at long-on. Walton then came in and preceded to try to kill Dellar with some smart running between the wickets. They took the score to 59 before Dellar (29) was caught at point driving through midwicket(??)

Kannan then came to the wicket and despite Walton trying to give another team mate a heart attack some good hitting and great running took the score to within 22 runs of victory. With the rain steadily falling Dellar instructed Walton he had 2 overs to 'finish it' and he subsequently holed out for a match winning 42. 

Rasheed (11*) came in to join Kannan (34*) and they at least followed Dellar's orders and finished it off inside 2 overs with Rasheed hitting a straight six to complete a well earned and much needed victory.

Cavs move up to 2nd in the table with the win.

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