Cavaliers Cricket Club, Colchester, Essex, England

9 July 2017

Cavs Battle Well

The Sunday team hosted Abberton at Mill Road today.

With only six Cavaliers present at the time of the toss, captain C Finch opted to bat first (the problem of working a batting line up to allow capable players to umpire and score dictated the order for a short while!). An opening partnership of 34 (with 19 extras!) got the Cavaliers off to a solid start (and allowed P Kannan enough time to turn up to bat at #3!), with N Davidson (9) the first batsmen to go. A superb second wicket partnership between the returning S Pillalamarri and P Kannan then saw the Cavaliers to the drinks break and beyond, raising the score to 87/1 (and bought enough time for N Jalib to arrive and bat at #4!). Unfortunately the dismissal of P Kannan (29) shortly after the break (after 3 'lives' in the two overs after drinks) saw a few wickets fall, with N Jalib (0) and H Tuckwell (0) both out with the score just shy of the hundred (99/4). Pillalamarri then added 39 runs with D Young, with Pillalamarri bringing up his fifty off 83 balls before being LBW to the 84th ball of his innings for a well made 53. With J Samwell (1) and A Kemp (0) out in successive balls, the Cavaliers had slipped to 140/7 and were in danger of not batting out their overs, but C Finch and D Young took the innings to the last over before Finch (8 - his best Cavs score) and T Mayhew (0) were both out in the final over (a double-wicket maiden), meaning the innings ended with the Cavaliers scoring a respectable 168 all out from their 40 overs, with D Young unbeaten on 31.

Unfortunately, the Abberton 'keeper, S Cowland, was struck by a ball late in the Cavaliers innings and had to go to hospital - Hopefully it wasn't anything serious and he recovers soon!

The Cavaliers claimed an early(ish) wicket through N Davidson (7-1-34-1) while P Kannan (7.5-0-42-0) bowled well without success at the other end. A change of bowling saw T Mayhew (6-0-33-0) and C Finch (5-0-54-2) introduced to the attack, with the skipper leading by example, claiming two quick wickets through good catches by T Mayhew and N Davidson and also throwing the ball to Mayhew to run out the Abberton #4 as both batsmen ended up at the strikers end. Some lazy fielding (which is sadly becoming a Cavaliers trait recently), and good batting, helped Abberton reach their target after just 25.5 overs, scoring 169/4.

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