Cavaliers Cricket Club, Colchester, Essex, England

21 August 2015

Stats Database & Landmarks

The Cavaliers stats database has now been updated, with all the 2015 scorecards and statistics now added - Thank you for your patience this year while we moved the database and updated the site!

With the stats database not available until now we missed some landmarks, so congratulations to the following players...

Jon Rawlings passed 2,500 runs for the Cavs this year.
Darren Dellar and Dan Smith both passed 1,500 runs.
Ed Parry passed 1,000 runs
Sid Pillalamarri, Zubair Ahmed and Noman Jalib all passed 500 runs, and now appear on the Cavaliers all time batting list.

Noman H passed 50 wickets for the club, and is fast approaching the 100 mark (as is Dan Smith)

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