Cavaliers Cricket Club, Colchester, Essex, England

15 September 2014

2014 Fielding Stats

See below for the stats relating to outfield catches & wicketkeeper dismissals across all games for the Cavaliers during the 2014 season.

D Young - 14 (9ct, 5st)
N Jalib - 6 (5ct, 1st)
JJ Elliston - 2 (2ct)
S Pillalamarri - 2 (2ct)
R Anandraj - 1 (1ct)

Outfield Catches:
8 - E Parry
7 - N Hussain, S Gilhooly
5 - D Dellar, K Hemstedt
4 - D Smith, J Bardell, P Sadler, S Masood
3 - D Myers, P Johnson, R Anandraj, S Pillalamarri, Z Ahmed
2 - C Finch, C Haines, D Howell, G Moncrieff, S Craiston, T Mayhew
1 - A Gupta, A Corcos, A Sarwar, H Kumar, JJ Elliston, J Rawlings, J Walton, J Robinson, K Jalib, K Jayasinghe,K Chalasani, M Vinter, N Thomas, S Johnson, T Craiston

Congratulations to all of you who held your catches!!

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