Cavaliers Cricket Club, Colchester, Essex, England

19 August 2013

Record Total for Cavaliers

A new record was set yesterday for the highest innings total for the club, 293, most surprisingly against league leaders Little Bardfield.

The innings started off at a regular pace with makeshift opener Stuart falling early and partner Alex making 22 to leave the score at 33-2 after 10 overs. Harish (54) and Darren (22) started the acceleration with some boundaries and aggressive running and the pace further increased when Phil replaced Darren. The platform had been laid for a decent score when Harish snicked off and Simon came in at as an unfamiliar #6 with 132 on the board. Wayward bowling was despatched by both batsman and before long the field was pushed back making it a straight forward task to score off every ball. The partnership doubled the score to 261 before Simon chipped to deep square leaving Jon, Noman and Dan to feed the stike to Phil to see the record home.

In the field Cavaliers opened up with three fine catches to kill off any remaining fight in the LBV side, Jon Jaggs starting things off with a fine catch off a drive drilled hard to mid-off, Stuart followed up with a sharp take to his left at point and Simon a one-handed effort to remove danger man Hymas from a fine delivery by Harish.

With the game over it was an opportunity to see what Alex and Jon could do with the ball and enjoy some technically correct batting from a 13 year old keeping Dave H at bay. Eventually the winning margin was 164 runs sending the statisticians running for the books to look for the largest ever winning margin.


The win moved us back into 3rd place in the table with all the teams closely packed together and everything still to play for. :-)

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