Cavaliers Cricket Club, Colchester, Essex, England

29 April 2013

Frozen Out

A poor batting display chasing a meagre total left Cavaliers rueing the chance of getting off to a winning start. In truth the Bentley score of 118 was probably only marginaly below par on a slow wicket and a very lush outfield. Boundaries had to come via ariel shots and that's not really the Cavaliers way but we lost too many wickets in the first 20 overs to give the big hitters a chance to do their thing.

Jon and Stu took the new ball and keep the scoring down against father & son Fowler. Both eventually lured into a drive resulting in good catches from Noman and Vinnie. The Bentley middle order ground out a score although Phil Sadler was incredibly unluck not to pick up a bag of wickets with catches going down; notably a spectacular attempt at juggling by Simon. Dave Howell benefited from some of the poorer shot selection as his usual tight lines were hard to get away.

The tail did some intelligent tip and run to boost the total beyond where it probably should have done.

The Cavaliers reply started the way we had planned with steady accumulation from some extras and short bowling before a change precipitated a rush of blood to Vinnie's head. Simon was next to go dragging back a wide half volley and then Jack scooped up a total pie straight into the hands of square leg. This sort of set the tone for the rest of the innings with a least half the batsmen falling to long hops and full tosses with no-one really hanging around long enough to build a winning contribution.

A disappointing start to the campaign but hopefully that's the last time we'll see the thermal underwear in action.

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