Cavaliers Cricket Club, Colchester, Essex, England

25 September 2013

Team for Sunday 29th

Second team Vs Gt Braxted & Tiptree - Meet at Rugby Club @11:30am for 12:30 start

Ed (C), Dan Y (W), Raj A, Peter, Sid, Vinnie, Zubair, Karl, Atif, James Ba, & Tony

18 September 2013

Team for Sunday 22nd

2nd Team v West Mersea (away). Meet 11:30am at the Rugby Club for 12:30pm start

Ed (C), Raj A, Peter J, Sid, Zubair, Atif, Dan Y (W), James Ba, Simon, Craig, & Tony

4 September 2013


1st Team v Boxted Away meet at Boxted 1200 for 1230 start

Jack K, Martin V, Dan Sm, Phil S, Alex C, Stuart J (c), Jon R, Gregg, TBC, Dan Y (w) & Dave H

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

2nd Team v Chappel Away meet 1130 at the Rugby Club for 1230 start

Raj A, Peter J, Sid (c), Karl, Zubair, Dave M, Tony, Joel, James Bo, Paul M & Atif

As you can see we are still looking for 1 (we have several maybes to confirm), so team subject to change. If you know of anyone who may be interested in a game please contact Stuart or Ed.

30 August 2013

Diary Dates

Two dates for your diary;

  • Friday 8th November - Annual General Meeting to be held at Colchester Cricket Club, Castle Park at 19:30pm. There will be FREE FOOD so no excuse for not coming along. There will also be awards presented and cricket speeches - this is a players only event.
  • Friday 7th February 2014 - Club Dinner at Mimosa. We hope to book a couple of large tables at this excellent restaurant - definitely a venue to impress the other half. Deposits of £15 per person to Simon  by 10th January please.

28 August 2013

Team v purleigh

V Purleigh Away meet Rugby Club 1110hrs start 1230

Stuart J (c), Raj A, Dan S, Phil S, Alex C, Jon R, JJ (the original),Sid, Dan Y (w), Dave H & Craig F

25 August 2013

1st XI vs Ipswich - game off

We have received confirmation from Ipswich that their pitch is too wet, and so today's Div 2 first XI match has been called off.

23 August 2013

Winning Margins

Last week's record batting performance against LBV wasn't even close to setting a new record for the largest winning margin;

2008 vs Tendring - Cavaliers scored 250-1 as Danny and Simon both scored hundreds and Darren (6-10) and Stuart (4-24) then knocked over the opposition for 34 to win by 214 runs. Scorecard

2005 vs High Easter - Cavaliers scored 271 with Peter Johnson top scorer with 77 and everyone else chipping in, especially Mr Extras who contributed 45! Tim Berry did the damage with the ball taking 7 wickets for at the expense of just 5 runs to give a victory by 199 runs. Scorecard

Both teams have won by 10 wickets in the past but only when chasing modest totals;

2010 the First XI chased 125 against Great Totham - Simon & Justin knocking off the runs on the day that England lost to Germany in the World Cup in South Africa and everyone was in a rush to get the game finished! Scorecard

2006 the second XI chased Maldon's small total of 94 - Simon and Peter at the crease. Scorecard

Blast from the Past

The picture below was featured in the Gazette's Blast from the Past feature on Monday this week. Jon Rawlings and Tim Berry were able to piece together most of the names with a chance meeting at Castle Park providing the final name.

Back row, left to right: Tim Berry, Richard Crewe-Read, Julian Smith, Simon Wade, Tony Watson
Front row, left to right: Brian Leech, John Evans, Shane Buy, Nicky Purslow, Derek Smith, Ryan Smith

Typical Cavaliers - 10 men and a boy! :-)

We believe the picture was taken in 1986 the year that the club followed the rugby club to it's new ground on Mill Road having previously been based at Mile End.

21 August 2013

Teams for Sunday 25th Aug

1st Team v Ipswich Away, meet Rugby Club 1200 for 1300 start

Simon, Alex, Dan S, Raj, Phil S (c), Jon J, JJ, Dan Y, Dave H, Phil W & TBC

2nd Team v Kirby Away, meet 1200 Rugby Club for 1300 start

Viv, Gregg, Ed, Gary, Karl, Zubair, Nyal, Dave M, Craig, Tony & Paul M

Teams subject to change

19 August 2013

Record Total for Cavaliers

A new record was set yesterday for the highest innings total for the club, 293, most surprisingly against league leaders Little Bardfield.

The innings started off at a regular pace with makeshift opener Stuart falling early and partner Alex making 22 to leave the score at 33-2 after 10 overs. Harish (54) and Darren (22) started the acceleration with some boundaries and aggressive running and the pace further increased when Phil replaced Darren. The platform had been laid for a decent score when Harish snicked off and Simon came in at as an unfamiliar #6 with 132 on the board. Wayward bowling was despatched by both batsman and before long the field was pushed back making it a straight forward task to score off every ball. The partnership doubled the score to 261 before Simon chipped to deep square leaving Jon, Noman and Dan to feed the stike to Phil to see the record home.

In the field Cavaliers opened up with three fine catches to kill off any remaining fight in the LBV side, Jon Jaggs starting things off with a fine catch off a drive drilled hard to mid-off, Stuart followed up with a sharp take to his left at point and Simon a one-handed effort to remove danger man Hymas from a fine delivery by Harish.

With the game over it was an opportunity to see what Alex and Jon could do with the ball and enjoy some technically correct batting from a 13 year old keeping Dave H at bay. Eventually the winning margin was 164 runs sending the statisticians running for the books to look for the largest ever winning margin.


The win moved us back into 3rd place in the table with all the teams closely packed together and everything still to play for. :-)

16 August 2013

Partnerships 2013

  1. 138  Sadler, Phil & Gilhooly, Simon 5th versus Little Bardfield new entry
  2. 103  Smith, Dan & Anandraj, Sureshraj 1st versus West Mersea
  3. 100* Smith, Dan & Johnson, Stuart 7th versus West Mersea
  4. 94 Smith, Dan & Dellar, Darren 3rd versus Bocking
  5. 92 Kneeshaw, Jack & Kumar, Harish 4th versus Great Braxted
  6. 89 Parry, Ed & Shukla, Vivek 2nd versus Stebbing
  7. 70* Sadler, Phil & Rishworth, Justin 6th versus Ipswich
  8. 47 Jaggs, Jon & Hussain, Noman 8th versus Great Bentley
  9. 38* Parry, Ed & Mayhew, Tony 10th versus Boxted 2nd
  10. 22 Corcos, Joel & Young, Dan 9th versus Clacton Ramblers

14 August 2013

Award Qualification

Just to remind you all the following criteria needs to be reached to qualify for "End of Season" Awards. Still a few games remaining to add your name to the qualification list;

First & Second Team Batting Awards = 8 innings of which 6 needs to be completed
- Jack K
- Dan S
- Martin V
- Stuart J
- Darren D
- Phil S
- Ed Parry *
- Gregg M *
- Craig F *
- Raj A *
- Dave M *
- Dan Y
- Alex C
- Peter J *
- Sid P *

First & Second Team Bowling Awards = 80 overs to be reached
- Dave H
- Stuart J
- Sid P*

* denotes second team

Club Batting Award = 300 runs minimum then based on average, if not reached highest run scorer
- Dan S
- Jack K
- Raj A
- Martin V

Club Bowling Award = 25 Wickets, then based on average, if not reached highest wicket taker

all names mentioned already qualified

Sunday 18th

1st team  v Little Bardfield Home meet 1200 for 1300 start

Stuart (c), Darren, Alex, Harish, Phil S, Jon J, Noman, Dan Y, Dave H, Peter, TBC

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

2nd team v Lexden Away start 1300

Raj, Gregg, Ed (c), Harry, Jon R, Sid, Zubair, Joel, Craig, Tony, Karl

Teams subject to change as have some TBC's to confirm

7 August 2013

Sunday 11th Aug

1st XI v Eight Ash Green Away Start 1300 be there for 1215

Simon G, Jack K, Dan Sm, Vinnie, Alex C, Jon J, Darren, Stuart 'Mylander Man of the Month' J (c), Jon R, Dan (w) & Dave.

*please make sure you advise if you have a lift issue as meeting straight at EAG.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  -

2 August 2013

Teams for Sunday 4th

1st XI - Away to Clacton Ramblers meet 11:30am @ Rugby Club.

Stuart (c), Darren , Dan S, Raj A, Pete, Sid, James Ba, Ed, Dan Y (w), Tony & TBA (Joel/Phil W)

- - - - - - - - -

2nd XI - Home to Gosfield

Match conceeded due to lack of players

Team is subject to change

24 July 2013

Sunday 28th

1st XI v Gt Bentley meet 1200 for 1300 start
Stuart (c), Jack K, Martin V, Dan Sm, Darren D, Alex C, Jon J, Justin R, Noman H & Dan Y (W) & TBC

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

2nd XI v Boxted 2nds meet 1200 for 1300 start

Ed (c), Raj, Sid, Peter, Tony, Dave, Craig, JJ, Nyal, Gary & TBC

17 July 2013

Teams for Sunday 21st

1st XI v Eight Ash Green 1300 start meet 1200

Jack K, Vinnie, Dan Sm, Phil S, Alex, Stuart (c), Jon R, Justin, Sid, Dan Y (w), Dave H

- - - - - - - - - - - -

2nd XI v Stebbing Home 1300 start meet 1200

Ed (c), Raj, Viv, Noman, Asif, Gary, Nyal, Gregg, Tony, Craig & Dave.

Potential Reserves
Peter J, Krishna

16 July 2013

Landmark Achievement

Congratulations to Martin Vinter who becomes the 5th Cavalier to pass the 4000 runs mark while on the way to score 95 against Ardleigh the other week. On behalf of the club "Well batted Sir!"

Also some other Cavaliers are approaching significant numbers, Jack Kneeshaw needs another 124 runs to pass 5000 runs and Jon Rawlings 88 to get to 2000 runs. There's a challenge boys!

10 July 2013

Sunday 14th

1st XI v Ipswich home meet 1200 to set up

Vinnie (c), jack, dan s, Alex c, Alex c brother, Phil s, Justin, jj, jon w, dan y (w), dave h

2nd XI v Tendring home meet 1200 to set up

Ed, James b, will b, Craig, dave m, Sid, Gregg, tony, asif, tbc, tbc

Teams subject to change

3 July 2013

Team for 7th July

Friendly team to play Ardeigh Away Meet rugby club 1210 or at Ardleigh

Stuart, Raj, Darren, Jon R, Alex, Martin, Dan Y (W), Peter, Tony, Sid, Gary

- - - - - - - - - -

26 June 2013

Teams for Sunday 30th

1st V Bocking Home 1300 start

Simon, Jack, Dan S, Darren, Phil, Stuart (C), Phil E, Jon, Dan (W), JJ & Alex C

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

2nd XI v Boxted Away 1300, meet Rugby club 1215

Ed (C), Raj, Vivek, Craig, Peter, Tony, Sudarshan, James, Gary, Gregg & Luke
Teams subject to change (as usual)


19 June 2013

Teams for Sunday 23rd

1st team v Boxted Home 1300 start

Raj, Darren, Stuart (c), Dan S, Phil S, Jon J, JJ, Dan Y, James B, Dave H & TBC

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

2nd team v Lexden Home 1300 start

Peter, Asif, Richard, Sid, Gregg, Gary, Dave, Phil E, Tony, Craig & Viv

We are waiting on some more replies and teams may change a bit

13 June 2013

Teams for Sunday 16th

1st XI - Away to Little Bardfield meet 1130 Rugby Club.

Stuart (c), Simon, Vinnie, Raj, Phil S, Sid, James, Asif, Viv, Jon Jaggs & Dan Y (w)

- - - - - - - - -

2nd XI - Home to Tiptree meet 1200 Rugby Club

Ed (c), Ed'd Bro, Jack K, Harish, Peter, Tony, Dave, Gary, Craig, Luke (W) & Tbc

teams are subject to change

12 June 2013

Sunday 16th


Yet to be confirmed, currently 16 Yes and 4 maybe's and chasing many more!!!!!

5 June 2013

Teams for 09/06

1st XI v Bocking Away Meet 1140hrs Rugby Club

Simon, Jack, Dan S, Darren, Vinnie, Stuart (c), Phil, Peter, Jon R, Dan Y (w) & Dave H

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

2nd XI v Kirby Home Meet 1200 Rugby Club

Ed (c), Raj A, Viv, Luke (w), James, Gregg, Sid, Gary, Craig, Will & Tony

* Teams subject to change

maybe's Justin & Asif

29 May 2013

Team for 2nd June

V West Mersea Home 1300 Start, meet at 1200 to set up

Ed (c), Gregg, Raj, James Ba, Dan Sm, JJ, Gary R, Sid, Luke, Darren, Justin

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Team subject to changes

25 May 2013

Full Tour Report - Updated!!

Cavaliers kicked off the 2013 tour with victory over Sutton-on-the-Hill. After virgin tour skipper Phil Sadler won the toss and elected to bowl first, Sutton got off to a flyer with a combination of good shots and wayward bowling!

20 May 2013

Midweek team

Tues 21st May Away Real Oddies Mile End start 1800 be there 1730 onwards

Darren, Jon, Stuart, Tony, Harish, Gregg, Dan O'd, Dan Y, Gary R & JJ

Team provisional and subject to change

15 May 2013

Team for Sunday 19th

V Purleigh - Home 1300 start, meet 1200 to set up

Simon, Raj, Darren, Vinnie, Justin, Phil S, Dan S, Stuart (c), Sid, Jamie, Dan Y (w)

- - - - - - -

Teams subject to change

Jack on Tea

Available reserves - Tony M, Gregg, Dave M, Craig

12 May 2013

Six for Sadler

Cavaliers First XI took advantage of a depleted Clacton Ramblers side to record their first win of the season. With several key players unavailable the Ramblers were only able to field 10 men and lost by 9 wickets in just 45 overs of cricket.

8 May 2013

Teams for 12th May

First XI V Clacton Ramblers Home meet @ 1200

Simon, Jack, Darren, Martin (C), Alex C, Phil S, Dan Sm, Jon W, Dan Y (w), Sid & Dave

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Second XI V Chappel Home meet @1200

Ed (C), Peter, Asif, Gregg, JJ (w), Jamie, James, Will, David, Craig, Tony

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Teams subject to change

Reserves / Maybe's Krishna / Luke / Justin / Raj A

1 May 2013

Team for 5th May

Cup fixture v West Mersea Away meet Rugby Club 11:40

Stuart J (c), Ed P, Dan Sm, Raj A, Tony, Sid, Dan Y, Asif K, TBC, Krishna & Jamie

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Second XI fixture cancelled due to lack of players

30 April 2013

Spectacular collapse overshadows encouraging performance

For long periods of the game Cavalier Seconds were well in this contest with cup winners Gosfield until the game finished abruptly in the 30th over of the chase. Cavs lost their last 4 wickets for no runs in one over leaving a bewildered Dan Smith stranded on 25 not out wondering "what just happened?" Serial not out merchant Tony was unable to add to his 92 previous unbeaten innings when he was the unlucky 3rd victim of a hat-trick that finished off the innings in an unseemly hurry.

Earlier a decent bowling performance restricted Gosfield to 179 despite managing only 4 wickets. Jon W and James Bardell, one of the 3 debutantes, produced good opening spells keeping the openers to 3 an over. First change & fellow debutante "Sid" Palamarri continued the good bowling in spite of struggling with his run up into the wind but it was left to spin twins Dan S and Tony to begin to chip away at the top order. Is Greg Moncrieff the newest golden arm in the club? His variations quickly accounted for danger man Andy Rose thanks to a smartly taken catch from an all action Dan. James B returned to finish his 10 and was extremely unlucky not to pick up at least a couple of wickets. All of which meant opener Gary Dicker carried his bat for a well paced 77.

The Cavs reply got off to a crawling start as first Asif played back to Rose to be trapped LBW (1 of four in the innings) and Ed got bogged down by an accurate salvo from his counterpart Richardson. Once Ed played all around the first loose ball on offer (kicking the ball in frustration further than he had managed to hit it with the bat) the innings gained some much needed impetus from Greg's (19) uncomplicated stroke play and Viv pouncing on anything short. Despite Viv (37) falling to an "orange juice" shot against a young leg spinner straight after drinks the game still seemed on as Cavs needed less than 100 in the last 20 overs with Dan at the crease with Luke. This was until young Sam Little began his devastating performance, taking 6 for 5 in 3 overs.

All in all a promising start to the season with one or two still needing to blow away some early season cobwebs away. No doubt there is more than one set of aching muscles being nursed as the new week begins...

29 April 2013

Frozen Out

A poor batting display chasing a meagre total left Cavaliers rueing the chance of getting off to a winning start. In truth the Bentley score of 118 was probably only marginaly below par on a slow wicket and a very lush outfield. Boundaries had to come via ariel shots and that's not really the Cavaliers way but we lost too many wickets in the first 20 overs to give the big hitters a chance to do their thing.

25 April 2013

Teams for 28th April

1st Team v Great Bentley (Away) 1pm start - meet Rugby Club @ 12:15pm

Stuart J (C), Simon G, Jack K, Darren D, Martin V, Phil S, Noman H, Jon R, Dave H, Dan Y (WK), Justin R

- - - -

2nd Team v Godfield (Away) 1pm start - meet Rugby Club @ 11:50am

Ed P (C), Luke W (WK), Pete J, Tony M, Dan S, Jon W, Asif K, Sid P, Viv S, James Ba, Greg M

- - - -

Teams subject to change

16 April 2013

EAG Postponed

Taking advantage of the special allowance from the NECL we have postponed our First XI game against Eight Ash Green to a free date in August. Therefore there are no games this coming weekend.

Our first games of the year will be the double header against Gosfield and Great Bentley - take your pick between the rifle range and baseball! ;-)

11 April 2013

Team for 14th April

2nd Team v Tendring (Away) 1pm start - meet Rugby Club @ 12noon

Ed (C), Raj A, Luke W, Dan Y (W), Dan Sm, Alex C, Tony M, Justin R, Phil S, Sid, & Asif K


3 January 2013

Winter Nets 2013

Nets are booked every Sunday from 3rd February through to 7th April from 12pm - 1pm at Highwoods Sports Centre.

As last year we have the whole hall booked with 4 lanes so there's plenty of opportunity to practice your skills before the season starts!