Cavaliers Cricket Club, Colchester, Essex, England

7 April 2012

Team Selection Process for 2012

Collecting availability and organising teams has become an unnecessarily irksome chore over the last few seasons so we are implementing the following process for this season;

1. On Monday you will receive a text message asking about your availability for the following weekend
  • the message will start "CAVS: ..... "
  • we use an automated SMS system so a message will be sent for each day when we have a game but will not be specific to individual teams - please respond if you are available regardless of what team is playing
  • please respond with a simple YES, NO or MAYBE as we will also be automating the collation of the responses
  • the message will appear to come from Simon Gilhooly (07746 380813) - however later on this will change so we can automate responses
2. Selection will be done on Wednesday evening based on players available. If you want to play you MUST make your availability known by then.

3. Teams will be announced on the website and selected players will get a text message from their captain. Please reply to this message to let your captain know that you will be arriving on time. If your availability changes please inform your captain asap.

Organising teams is hard work - please make it as easy as possible for your captains in 2012.

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