Cavaliers Cricket Club, Colchester, Essex, England

18 May 2011

Better but still no biscuit ....

For the first time this season Cavaliers First XI put up a decent fight against one of the established Division 1 sides but ended up snatching defeat from the jaws of victory against Great Bromley.

The Bromley batsmen set off at an alarming rate with boundaries coming all around the wicket. Darren managed to sneak a slow delivery past the defence of the Bromley skipper but, if anything, things then got worse as young Foley smashed a few enormous boundaries. The introduction of Dave Howell started to turn things around, taking advantage of a strong breeze to get excessive away-swing, enough to find the edge of the openers bat and straight into Simon's hands. Shortly after Foley reached his 50 Dave bowled him around his legs and thereafter Cavaliers managed a degree of control. A flurry at the end possibly letting the visitors get a few more runs that we would have liked with their total of 185.

The Cavaliers reply started well with Simon and Justin looking secure against some aggresive bowling on a pitch that had bounce and pace. Justin was unlucky to go hooking but Danny helped Simon set about building a winning platform. With 50 runs needed off the last 15 overs things were looking good but Danny was given LBW, precipitating a flurry of wickets until Darren steadied the ship. Just as Simon looked ready to let rip he was trapped by a ball that cut back to be our third LBW victim. Darren then pulled a calf muscle requiring JJ to return as runner and things were starting to wear at the seems. A valiant effort by Dan Smith at the close wasn't quiet enough to see us over the line ending 10 agonising runs short.

A much better performance against the worst of the conditions but a win here would have been useful.

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