Cavaliers Cricket Club, Colchester, Essex, England

5 December 2011

Pavilion Improvements

Paving now surrounds the pavilion .... many thanks to Robbie (LMD Construction) for such a fine job.

19 October 2011

Cavaliers Celebrate 2011 Awards

String quartet, Scintillo, demonstrated their remarkable virtuosity at the Colchester Cavaliers Cricket Club Annual Awards Gala Dinner whilst entertaining members, their partners and the club’s sponsors. In between two fine contrasting musical sets, they tuned their strings into celebratory fanfare pomp to acknowledge sporting excellence, and into humour where not.

26 September 2011

Season Finale

Our final game of the season took us to Coggeshall, a ground that very few Cavaliers had ever played at. Although the wicket was well worn it played well and served up a good game with Cavaliers posting a respectable score but lacking front line bowling to defend. Darren continued in his new role of opening bat and was unlucky to receive a great delivery in the 'corridor' and an excellent catch at first slip. Jack came in to join Simon (68) and continued where they had left off the week before at Copford in adding 68 runs before Jack sliced a long hop in the air to mid-off and another fine catch. When Simon fell to a tight stumping decision there was still quite a bit of work to be done to secure a decent total but Dan Smith played straight and struck some fine shots in making an unbeaten 46; supported was offered by Stuart and JJ so we were only 5 wickets down at the close with 181 on the board.

21 September 2011

Team for 25th September

1st XI v Coggeshall (a) meet 1125hrs Marks Tey Start 1230

Simon (c), Darren, Jack, Dan Y, Dan Sm, Stuart, JJ, Asten, Deji, Phil (w) & Tony M
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

13 September 2011

Teams for September 18th

1st XI v Copford (a) meet Rugby Club 1130 or at Copford. 1230 start

Simon (c), Justin, Darren, Jack, Harish, Dan Sm, Stuart, JJ, Phil (w) & Dave H

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

2nd XI v Stebbing (a) meet Marks Tey 1120 for 1230 start

Vinnie (c), Luke, Jon W, Asten, Steve, Deji, Peter, Ed, Tony, Dan Y & Adrian

8 September 2011

2011 Partnerships to Date

1st XI
  • 1st 39 West Mersea (H) Simon Gilhooly 35 & Phil Wolski 11
  • 2nd 55 Gt Bromley (H) Simon Gilhooly 68 & Danny Skinner 33
  • 3rd 55 Bocking (A) Darren Dellar 32 & Alex Corcos 26
  • 4th 73 Lt Bardfield (H) Justin Rishworth 69 & Stuart Johnson 39
  • 5th 62 Witham (A) Amir Baig 37 & Jon Rawlings 32
  • 6th 69* Purleigh (H) Dan Smith 36* & Simon Gilhooly 29*
  • 7th 25 West Mersea (A) Darren Dellar 42 & JJ Elliston 6
  • 8th 49 Lt Baddow (H) JJ Elliston 32 & Steve Brett 16*
  • 9th 36 West Mersea (A) Darren Dellar 42 & Dave Howell 20*
  • 10th 30 Gt Bromley (A) Stuart Johnson 32 & Phil Wolski 4*
2nd XI
  • 1st 101 Chappel (H) Peter Johnson 39 & Martin Vinter 127*
  • 2nd 27* Lexden (A) Martin Vinter 13* & Ed Parry 10*
  • 3rd 91* Chappel (H) Martin Vinter 127* & Ray Smith 29*
  • 4th 101 North Springfield (H) Ed Parry 36 & Ray Smith 58
  • 5th 33 Ipswich (H) Martin Vinter 49 & Alex Wisbey 17
  • 6th 30 Real Oddies (H) Ray Smith 41 & Asten Bray 33
  • 7th 33 Lexden (H) Ray Smith 34 & Asten Bray 30*
  • 8th 46 Boxted (H) Luke Wisbey 20 & Steve Brett 16*
  • 9th 5 North Springfield (H) Dan Young 0 & Tony Mayhew 4
  • 10th 42 West Mersea (H) Steve Brett 19 & Deji Adefajo 23*
Cup Partnerships of note
  • 1st 103 Purleigh (A) Simon Gilhooly 49 & Martin Vinter 52
  • 2nd 58* Clacton Ramblers (H) Jack Kneeshaw 65* & Stuart Johnson 7*
  • 3rd 30 West Mersea (H) Darren Dellar 14 & Jack Kneeshaw 21
  • 7th 45 West Mersea (H) Stuart Johnson 39* & Ray Smith 13

Teams for 11th September

1XI St Oysth (a) - meet 1120 Rugby Club start 1230.

Simon (c), Stuart, Alex, Darren, Jon R, Dan Sm, Dave H, Navin, Phil W, Dan Y & TBC

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

2XI North Springfield (a) - meet 1120 Marks Tey start 1230

Vinnie (c), Jon W, Ray, Peter, Tony, Asten, JJ, Ed, Steve B, Deji, Craig F

2 September 2011

AGM Date Set

Cavaliers CC AGM is set for Thursday 17th November, it is very much encouraged that all members attend. If you are unable too please contact Jack Kneeshaw

31 August 2011

Teams for Sunday 4th September

1st XI - Bocking (a) -Meet 1120 Marks Tey for 12:30 start

Stuart (c), Jack, Alex C, Darren D, Jon R, Dan Sm, JJ, Navin, Dave H James B & Phil W (w)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

2nd XI - Ipswich (a) - Meet 1115 Rugby Club for 12:30 Start

Luke (C), Jon W, Alex W, Deji, Tony, Peter, Ray, Asten, Dan Y, Steve B, Adrian.

23 August 2011

Weekend Teams

Saturday 27th

2nd XI vs Chappel (a) - meet Rugby Club 11:45

Vinnie (c), Luke W, Pete J, Alex W, Jon W, Harish, Stuart J, Asten, Deji, Steve B, Dan Y

Sunday 28th

1st XI vs Little Bardfield (a) - meet Marks Tey Food Hall 11:45

Simon (c), Phil (w), Amit, Alex C, Darren, Ray, Tony, Dan Y, JJ, AN Other, AN Other

Monday 29th

1st XI vs Great Bromely (a) - meet Rugby Club 11:45

Simon (c), Phil (w), Justin, Robbie, Amit, Vinnie, Danny, Jack, Stuart, JJ, Deji

Teams are subject to change (pending confirmation of availability)

22 August 2011

Further Batting Woes

Once again the batting failed as the First XI slumped to a heavy defeat at the hands of Coggeshall but there are some positives to be taken from the game.

17 August 2011

Teams v Coggeshall (h)

XI v Coggeshall home 1300

Simon (c), Justin, Darren, Dan Sm, Dave H, Amit M, JJ (w), Jon R, Navin, Jon W & TBC

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

15 August 2011

Honour in Defeat

Cavaliers were the first team this year to dismiss West Mersea for less than two hundred but our batting wasn't strong enough to chase the 172 needed on a tricky wicket.

10 August 2011

Teams v West Mersea 14th August

1st XI (a) Mersea

Simon (c), Justin, Jack, Darren, Dan Sm, Dave H, JJ, Stuart, Harish, Phil & tbc

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

2nd XI (h) Mersea

Vinnie, Luke, Jon W, Deji, Steve, Ed, Peter, Dan, Aston, Ray & Adrain

4 August 2011

Cavaliers defeat University to clinch Alan Barlow Challenge Cup

Under skies like the roof of Hades, these two behemoth teams clashed, the pride of Divisions One and Two. Kevin Lines lobbing hand grenades and Tim Berry as accurate as a sniper with the enemy in his sights restricted the scholars openers to a scorer’s dip in his inkwell and little on the page.

3 August 2011

Stebbing Fixture Postponed

To confirm, the fixture originally planned for this Sunday (7th Aug) away to Stebbing has been postponed until September 18th due to Stebbing committments in the Plate competition.

1 August 2011

Cavaliers win Colchester Evening League

A bold contingent of Cavaliers, bolstered by a few mercenaries from Boxted (n.b. people that have helped us all season – thanks chaps), successfully saw off the threat of rivals DNE Networks in a quite fiercely contested head to head showdown to deservedly win the Colchester Evening League Division Two title and hence secure promotion. Both teams have suffered two defeats and have 30 points, but Cavaliers take the league title on higher average runs per wicket - plus we twice beat DNA Networks.

27 July 2011

Teams 31st July

1st XI vs Little Baddow (h) - meet 1200

Simon (c), Justin, Vinnie, Harish, Darren, Stuart, Dan Sm, Deji, Phil (w), Dave H, JJ

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

2nd XI vs North Springfield (h) - meet 1200

Luke (c), Pete, Paul, Ed, Ray, Jon W, Asten, Steve B, Dan Y, Craig F, Tony M

Teams are subject to change (pending confirmation of availability)

19 July 2011

400th Mark & 100's up

Massive congratulations to Tony Mayhew who has become the second Cavalier in it recorded history to reach the 400 Wicket mark (How i constantly ask myself :) ). I was reliably informed of the feat by a man known as Mony Tayhew, so it must be true! Anyhow massive well done from all at the Cavs.

Also well done to Darren Dellar for making 3 figures in the wicket column for CCCC! At an very impressive average of 14.

v Purleigh (h) v Real Oddies (h)

1st XI

Simon (c), Justin, Darren, Jack, Jon R, Dan Sm, Navin, Phil (w), Dave H, Martin S, James B

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

2nd XI

Vinnie (c), Peter, Jon W, Ed, Asten, Paul M, Dan Y, Steve, Deji, Tony, Craig

Teams are subject to change

13 July 2011

Teams v Witham (h) & v Lexden (a)


1st XI v Witham

Simon (c), Justin, Darren, Harish, Stuart, Dan Sm, James B, JJ, Naveem, Phil W (w) , Dave H

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

2nd XI v Lexden

Martin V, Luke W, Jon W, Asten, Peter J, Ed P, Steve B, Deji, Dan Y, Alex W & Tony M

Subject to last minute changes and confirmed availability!

4 July 2011

Cavaliers Crash from Cup

Cavaliers crashed out of the Cup at the Quarter Final stage against a weakened and hung over West Mersea side missing out on the opportunity of a first semi-final outing. Although the batsmen failed to post a par score we had sufficient chances in the field to secure a shock victory.

Choosing to bat first after seeing the state of the Mersea players following a birthday party the night before, Cavaliers lost early wickets and failed to capitalise on some mediocre bowling. Only Jack and Stuart, who top scored with 39, looked in good nick as we plodded to 128 all out in the 45 overs.

The Mersea inning was a typically attacking affair with wickets falling regularly to leave them at 43-3 after 9 overs, although two simple catches had been put down by this stage. Bruce was very fortunate to survive an early LBW appeal against Ray but went on to make an unbeaten 47*, also benefiting from some butter fingers along the way. Skipper Conway also rode his luck with Jack making a fine effort in the deep. Dismissing this pair might have opened a door but it was not to be and we only had ourselves to blame.

29 June 2011

Teams v Mersea (h) & Boxted (a)

Please note Boxted game is a home fixture but is being played at Boxted, due to no second pitch available at Mill Road.

v Mersea - Cup 1300 - meet 1215hrs

Simon (c), Justin, Jack, Harish, Stuart, Darren, Ray, Phil (w), Tony, Frank & TBC

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

v Boxted - 1300 start - meet 1145hrs

Luke (c), Jon W, Paul M, Pete J, Asten B, Dan Y, Ed P, Steve B, Deji A, Alex W & TBC

23 June 2011

V Lexden (h) 1300 start

Martin V (c), Pete J, Luke W, Jon W, Ray S, James B, Dan Y, Steve B, Deji A, Tony M & Asten B

15 June 2011

Teams v St Oysth (h) & v Boxted (a)

1st XI

Simon (c), Justin, Danny S, Jack K, Harish M, Stuart J, Darren D, Tony & Dan (w) + 2

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

2nd XI

Martin (c), Peter J, Luke (w), Paul M, Jon W, Phil E, Jon R, Steve B, James B, Alex W & Deji

9 June 2011

Teams v West Mersea 12th June

1st XI v West Mersea (h) 1300

Simon (c), Stuart, Harsh, Darren, Dan Y, Dan Sm, Ray Sm, James B, JJ, Phil W (w) & TBC

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

2nd XI v West Mersea (a) 1300

Martin (c), Luke, Peter J, Jon, Jon, Paul, Craig, Tony, Asten, Steve & Phil E

Evening League Interim Report

Cavaliers Evening League side completed the first half of the season as the unbeaten clear league leaders after a convincing victory over DNA Networks, the only other unbeaten side up to this point. Skipper Phil Wolski surprisingly won the toss, only to discover he had flipped the coin with the captain of "The Firm" and due to play on the adjacent pitch. When the appropriate toss came, true to form, Phil made it six out of six losses and Cavaliers were put into bat. Cavaliers lost last weeks centurion Joe Hall early to an uncharacteristic loose shot, bringing Harish Kumar to the wicket for a fine 55. Dan Skinner also scored 55 not out, whilst a typically quick 33 by Robbie Mitchell saw Cavaliers to 166, a total that might have mirrored the massive totals of previous weeks if not for a fine bowling spell by DNA Networks pace-man Woodward. Dan Skinner moved closer to Evening League immortality as he moved his season’s total to a staggering 313 not out.

Four DNA wickets tumbled at a pace to the pedestrian guile of Kevin Lines's, who should have comfortably had a 'five-fer' had the umpire been looking at the batsman’s feet. Frankly, had it been a boxing match, the referee may have stopped the contest in the fourth over, but the status gave the skipper a chance to rest the regular suspects and that presented a bowling opportunity to others. DNA Networks struggled to 102 all out whilst James Borges, Chad Blackman and Shaun Cobb each showed talent with the ball, but were eclipsed by Ritchie Cook's 4 -11; assisted by four excellent steeple high catches in the deep by Robbie Mitchell. Ritchie instantly found a straight line, bounce, movement and an excellent length, leaving Phil scratching his head why he hadn't bowled him before.

2 June 2011

Cavaliers V Clacton Ramblers (H) 1300hrs

Simon (C), Martin V, Danny S, Jack K, Harish K, Darren D, Dan Sm, Stuart J, JJ, Ray S & Phil W (w)

24 May 2011

Team Effort to Overcome Bardfield

A solid all round performance secured a much needed, confidence boosting victory over Little Bardfield. Having only beaten promotion partners Purleigh so far this season the First XI needed to gain a victory against an established Division 1 side. Only time will tell us whether we've encountered unusually strong sides so far or played poorly ourselves, but Bardfield looked vulnerable when they arrived late with only 9 players.

Late calls offs meant we were also one short until Robbie could join us after work so there was little doubt about batting first after winning the toss. Another solid start from Simon & Justin but just as we had the bowlers under pressure Simon chopped on hanging his bat out to dry. Danny followed soon after misjudging a drive in the air to cover. Justin was batting beautifully, occasionally troubled by bounce from the bowling of the Bardfield skipper, Hymas but also aggressive on anything wide. His turned out to be a match winning innings with support coming from Jack and Stuart in particular. Robbie and JJ came together at the end to boost the score with some fine running between the wickets and aggressive hitting.

Stuart took full advantage of the wind to clean bowl both openers and Jon kept things tight at the other but Bardfield counter attacked as Dave struggled to bowl into the wind. A swap of ends for Dave with some pace from Danny at the other end restored control as the required rate pushed up beyond 6 an over. Once Hymas was out bowled by Danny the game was effectively over as none of the remaining batsmen looked likely to score at such a high rate. This game an opportunity for Craig to have his first spell for Cavaliers and JJ to enjoy an over.

22 May 2011

Captain Fantastic

The Cavaliers 2nd's returned to form with a comfortable 77 run victory at home to Chappel.

19 May 2011

Lt Bardfield (h) & Chappel (h)

v Lt Bardfield (h) 1300hrs

Simon (c), Justin, Danny, TBC, Jack, Stuart, Craig, JJ, Phil (w), Dave & Amir

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

v Chappel (h) 1300hrs

Martin (c), Luke (w), Alex W, Pete J, Tony M, Deji A, Steve B, Raj B, Jon R, Ray S & Asten

18 May 2011

Better but still no biscuit ....

For the first time this season Cavaliers First XI put up a decent fight against one of the established Division 1 sides but ended up snatching defeat from the jaws of victory against Great Bromley.

3 out of 3 and Top of the League

Cavaliers Evening XI (or X, IX, VIII dependent on timing) are riding high at the top of the Colchester Evening league having already beaten strong sides from W & G and West Mersea, and then cruising to victory against the Garrison.

10 May 2011

All Time Stats

I have added the First XI games from 2010 to the All Time Stats. I will endeavor to add the Second XI games as soon as possible.

8 May 2011

Vintage Asten Martin

The Cavaliers 2nd XI kicked off their 2011 Div 4 League campaign with an excellent victory at home to recently promoted Ipswich - themselves widely tipped for back to back promotions .
Vinnie breaking with tradition won the toss and asked the visitors to bat. New ball duties fell to Deji (7-1-26-1) and Steve (10-1-26-3) and though there were signs of rustiness both soon reverted to 2010 type bowling very tidy lines with good pace. With the score having progressed to 33-0 Steve collected the much coveted first wicket of the season thanks to Ed Parry (debut) holding onto something of a skier at midwicket - this would prove to be the first of his three catches on the day!

3 May 2011

Teams v Gt Bromley (h) & v Real Oddies (a)

v Gt Bromley (h) 1300hrs

Simon (c), Justin, Danny, Harish, Jack, Darren, Dan Sm, JJ, Phil (w), Dave & Amir

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

v Real Oddies (a) 1300hrs

Martin (c), Luke, Alex W, Pete J, Tony M, Deji A, Steve B, Dan Y (w), Jon R, Ray S & Asten

Nice One Anthony!

After the unfortunate events which lead to the cancellation of Saturdays League Fixture, the Cup provided Cavaliers with a second win of the season, against the opponent to which the first win came. Losing the toss, Cavaliers were asked to bat first. Simon and Vinnie opened the batting, with Vinnie's ears still ringing from his blown exhaust. However this was Vinnie highpoint of the day as the opening stand exceeded 100 in 25 overs. As the remaining Cavaliers were making the bets of whom was to score 50 first, the book was close as Simon has the strike on 49 and a 8 runs advantage over MV. Whether we put the mockers on him I'm not sure, but he was out next ball! Sorry mate! Dan Skinner was next man in, and while Raj and Amir were ordering their final course at a local curry house, the score was moving upwards. After not receiving much of the strike, Vinnie eventually reached his fifty. Wickets then started to tumble at one end while Dan Skinner was finding his first form of the season, ending his innings with a 50. A total of 193 was reached, but after such a great platform a higher score should have been achieved.
Cavaliers then set about stopping Purleigh reaching their target, and all was going to plan after 5 overs, Purleigh were 5-3 with Stuart with 2 victims and Amir 1, but dangerman Freegaurd was still in. Freegaurd starting finding his form hitting boundarys regularly, but could he find a partner to stay with him. The answer was "yes" for a long time as the score move up to 100. Little did Purleigh know we were holding back our top trump. Age 60+, Bowl Type Slow, Deception Rating 1, Experience Rating 100, Tony Mayhew showed all his class in an 10 over spell that perplexed the opposition and achieving a well deserve 5 scalps, putting Cavaliers in a strong position. Enough of the Tony love, Dan Smith then removed dangerman Freegaurd, with a beauty that spun past his bat, leaving Wolski a forward stumping chance. With still 30 runs needed and a wicket to take, Purleigh lead a fightback, narrowing the gap to 7 runs, til the tail ender toe ended a Skinner delivery to Mid off where Dan Smith took the winning catch.
A good game, a good win and a home tie next round.

28 April 2011

v Purleigh (a) Cup 1300hrs

Meet at Marks Tey 1130hrs

Simon G (c), Martin V, Danny S, Amir B, Dan Sm, Asten B, Tony M, Phil W (w), Stuart J, Raj B & TBC

19 April 2011

Website Changes

In case you hadn't already noticed there have been a couple of changes to the layout of the website in order to give better visibility to our sponsors on the home page.

You will now find the weekly team announcements on the "Fixtures & Teams" page. Match Reports have moved to the new "Reports" page. All can be accessed from the top menu. For the stato's among you I hope to update the All Time figures sometime soon.

18 April 2011

The Day, Ray, Lost his Way!

The new season kicked off in familiar surroundings as Cavaliers travelled to promoted companions Purleigh. All seemed to be going smoothly can as all player collections we accomplished and everyone was at the designated meeting point. However, one said Cavalier escaped the convoy, got lost and decided to return home leaving us a man down. Nevertheless standing in Captain Stuart won the toss and elected to bowl first, after a 10 minute lecture from the Umpires about new rules, to which I forgot by the time they finished. With both sides missing star batmen, Cavaliers began to bowl with the accuracy they are now accustom. Wickets proved hard to come by but the run rate never spiralled, then Darren Dellar collected his 100th Cavalier wicket as an attempted pull only found the bottom edge onto the stumps. After a change of bowling at both ends with spin twins Amir and Dave H into the attack, the score proceeded to 50-1. The Purleigh Batmen were struggling to keep the ball down and chances were soon being snapped up. 50-1 became 89 All Out in the space of 20 overs, with both Amir and Dave taking 4 wickets and Harish collected 3 catches. Considering we had 10 men it was an excellent effort. Our Batting performance won us the game but it can be said that we should have made victory more comfortable than the 4 wicket margin. Justin, Harish, Raj and Asten all got starts and got out, however some dismissal were of the most bizarre imaginable. Harish was caught behind by slip of the wicketkeeper boot, Asten was Run Out at the non strikers end after a straight drive ricochet off the bowlers boot, and Raj after the most of patient and considered innings you may well see was stumped after leaving his crease too early to do a bit of gardening! All In all 20 points but bigger tests lie in waiting.

12 April 2011

v Witham (a) 1300hrs

Meet 1145hrs Food Hall Marks Tey. Start 1300 Team Simon (c) Stuart, Justin R, Harish M, Asten, Amir B, Luke, Dan Sm, Jon R, Phil W (w), Dave H

7 January 2011

Welcome to 2011

I hope everyone is inspired by the Ashes result; great scenes last night!

If you are hoping to emulate Alistair Cook or James Anderson this season get down to nets starting on Sunday 6th February at Highwoods Sports Centre (Gilberd School) from 12pm - 1pm.